Andrew Phelan


Andrew Phelan - Art Director
Best Boy Entertainment

Key Skills.

I have been using Maya ever since the studio adopted the program in 2001. I use it on a daily basis for low poly and high poly modelling. Rigging which involves the creation of the skeleton systems of the character’s, as well as the skinning.
For UV creation and manipulation. I also used it at the start of F1 2001 to re-develop the track creation technique that I developed in Softimage for the creation of the F1 2000 drivable surfaces while acting as the lead artist on that project.

I have been using ZBrush since ZBrush1 was released and have used it to create the Hi Res models that have been used to create the normal map information for F1 2006 and for the LBP Wipeout DLC. ZBrush was also used in the Hi Res mesh creation for the all the PS3 Home character assets that I created .For Motor storm Apocalypse I moved over to ZBrush4 and have been working with the new polish brushes and also created the initial UV layout for the character's as well as using the remesh tools to create ingame character meshes. I am also an avid model painter and so the majority of the MS3 characters I created where also polypainted and the polypaint information extracted to create the texture maps.

I have been using Photoshop for almost 12 years now and use it for a wide variety of tasks from photo manipulation to use in texture creation and polypainting in ZBrush as well as character texture creation in the more traditional style.

I have been using Roadkill for a number of years for a lot of my non ZBrush UV setups.

I have been using Mudbox since it has come onto the market but have not been using it in the last year as I have become a more avid user of ZBrush; the roles I used it for involved the texture map creation and the normal map creation for the MS2 trophies.

Worked creating and importing assets, materials and animation set ups.
Worked on particle systems.

March 2013 - Present
Best Boy Entertainment
Art Director

December 2011 - March 2013
Dawn Patrol Games - Sri Lanka.
Brand new INDY games development studio in Sri Lanka
Art Manager.

Lead Artist.

3D Asset Tutor.

Sri Lanka is new to the games development Industry so while over here working as the Art Asset Manager and the Lead Artist .

As the Art manager here at the studio my role has been

To Interpret the Art Direction and style guides into concise level plans.

Educating the Junior Artists o game development techniques as well as best practices in Maya , Photoshop and Zbrush as well as the requirements of the studio for UDK.

To help the programming team understand the best practices for game development as the programming team were new to computer game development.

Manage all art assets that were coming from the art team and through UDK to the programming team.

Identify any technical problems that may arise and working with either art , tech or design to find a solution for these problems using my 20+ years of knowledge in computer software development.

Working at the top level of any R&D At the studio.

Developing the production methods and pipelines and making sure that all documentation is constantly updated to show any changes in development practices in the studio.

Conducting interviews for potential candidates for the studio as well as portfolio assessment prior to the interview stage.

Act as a mentor to the team as I have been the only one that as work on the floor at a high level computer development studio and making sure that the team understands what is required from each discipline.

Working out the schedule for the creation of the ingame art assets.

Working on the creation of Art Assets in my role as the Lead Artist , this involved Character Design and Creation , Environment Creation , Texturing and Particle Effects.
Developing innovative production methods , with 20+ years of experience I have worked on computer games that have involved low level sprites and polygons all the way up to high level digitally sculpted models and my ability to draw from all these areas helps in this ability to truly think outside the box.

Lead Artist
Robotanika, 3D shooter for the IPad.

August 1999 - December 2011 Sony Liverpool
Formula One 2001 PS2 - Lead Artist / Environmental Artist.
Formula One 2002 PS2 - Environmental Artist.
Formula One 2004 PS2 - Environmental Artist / Cover for the UK.
Formula One 2005 PS2 - Character artist.
Formula One 2006 PSP/PS2/PS3 - Character Artist.

Between Formula 2002 and 2004 was working on concept art for other games.

Motorstorm Pacific Rift PS3 - Environment art / Trophies‘.
Wipeout Pulse PS2 - Environment Textures /All Playable Ships
LBP PSP PSP - Concept art / character assets.
LBP DLC PS3 - Designed and created the Wipeout DLC.
Wipeout Home PS3 - Character assets.
Motorstorm Home PS3 - All NPC characters and Character assets.
Motorstorm Apocalypse PS3 - Senior Character Artist.

1996-1998 3D Animation / Modelling Tutor, Ballyfermot Senior College / Freelance Valve Studios / Freelance Lecturer
Head tutor for the first year HNDC computer animation course
Teaching Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier. Teaching modelling theory and practical skills. Computer animation. Computer in-service courses in above.

Worked on the concept designs for the robot human replacement models for VALVE / SIERRA STUDIOS and CENDANT IRELAND for the low polygon game “HALF-LIFE " .Also created and built the multi -player character and the robot grunt.

1998-98 during the months of October through September I worked in Seattle for CENDANT Ireland / Sierra Online / Valve on concept drawings and 3D designs for the German models for the game HALF-LIFE . By the end of the job I had also produced the finished model for the Multi-Player Characters.
Also during that time I produced an interactive learning tutorial for the 3D artists at CENDANT Ireland on the design and the actual building of characters for HALF-LIFE style games.

Lectured in the ATC in Hogan’s Place Dublin in Multimedia Studies.

Lectured in Microsoft, Blackrock in the localization of 3D animated images.

Lectured in Art House Dublin in 3D studio and Adobe Photoshop.

3D link animation's for E-MAG on TnaG for Aka Java Productions.

Created the 3D animations for Octagon Technologies / AIB Project.

Created the 3D graphics for the Wheatfield / Dublin VEC CD ROM.

1995-1996 3D Background Artist, Funcom Ireland.
Created the 3D models for the levels for SPLIT REALITIES .Took the rendered stills from above and created the levels using the collision box reference layout. 3D character design and animation.

1994-1995 Head 3D Artist / Animator, Interactive Services Limited Started as head 2D computer Graphic Artist. Created all the 2D / 3D images, icons and animation for the LEARNING TO LEARN CD ROM. Created all the 3D images and animation for the ISL. clip art CD ROM.



Lee Carus Art Director at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Tony Buckley Senior Producer at Catalyst Outsourcing Ltd
Mick Hocking Vice President Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Neil Thompson Director of Art BioWare
Clemens Wangerin Managing Director and Co-Founder at Setgo Limited
Iain McFadzen Lead Character Artist at Rare Ltd.

I can also be found on Linkedin.


  • 3D Modelling
  • Texturing
  • ZBrush
  • Photoshop
  • Asset Management
  • Maya


  • ZBrush
  • Maya
  • Photoshop
  • XNormal
  • UDK